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New Christian Romance/Adventure "Plans" by Victoria Hoffbeck

Product Descriptions

One day you’re at home and the next day you’re halfway around the world, Megan thought. It’s not the how did I get here that befuddles me so much Lord, she prayed, it’s the why. Life was finally going as planned… Research and an unexpected discovery takes Megan, a young and brilliant American scientist, from a small Midwestern town to the isolated country of Drieholm. Driven by duty, Megan is determined to complete her mission, return home, and become the doctor she dreams to be. It isn’t long before plans change again when her light-hearted lab partner talks her into a blind double-date. Mystery surrounds Megan’s handsome suiter, but he doesn’t deter Megan from her plans, or will he? A raucous romantic escapade begins for the two couples, mired by misunderstandings, mishaps, intrigue and looming danger. Her plans may not be God’s plans for Megan’s life, but she finds that His road is paved with overwhelming surprises of friendship, joy, purpose and true love.

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